Learning how to invest has never been easier. This program motivates saving habits and teaches the investment lessons that will change your financial life.

We teach high school students how to invest

In late 2019, 59% of Americans didn’t have $1,000 in funds in case of an emergency. In 2020, that emergency came. All FinMango curriculum, content, and services are delivered at NO COST. The program is spearheaded by millionaires.

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FinMango trainers are available for in-person and virtual visits. Please permit up to four weeks for a response, and please note that due to demand, we may not be able to accommodate your request.

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Interested in teaching in your community? If so, apply to become an ambassador. You'll get trained by millionaires, receive a certificate, and be given the confidence to impact your community.

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We reach 10,000+ high school students a year in Ohio, Colorado, Oregon, New York, and California.

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